Financial Statement Audits

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Representing our highest level of service, Curtis Blakely & Co., PC’s financial statement audits utilize a critical review and selected separate verification of financial information. These audits result in an independent, professional opinion by a certified public accountant attesting to the fairness and accuracy of your financial statements and the representations they contain.

Audits are often necessary to comply with the requirements of lending institutions, suppliers, regulatory agencies, or others who rely heavily on the information contained in your financial statements. Audits provide the "highest level of assurance" as to the reliability of your financial statements and offer an assessment of your operational systems from an objective source with knowledge and experience in your industry. In addition to the attest function, we view the audit as an opportunity to provide consultation to improve the operational and financial practices of your organization.

Applying a risk-based audit approach, we acquire extensive knowledge of your operation and environment, including internal controls, to assist us in assessing the risk of material misstatement. To efficiently and securely transfer data between our clients and our firm, Curtis Blakely & Co., PC uses a paperless audit system, and we request as much information in electronic format as is reasonably possible.

We know that your employees are busy with their normal workload, so we strive to utilize the information they prepare for your business’ internal use as much as possible. A substantial portion of planning, review, and report preparation is performed in our own offices enabling us to reduce travel costs and shorten the length of our intrusion in your office. In addition, we provide a list of items needed prior to fieldwork.

We endeavor to provide you with an audit team that remains consistent from year-to-year. Your assigned audit team will have many years of experience to assist your staff and provide suggestions to benefit your business.