Fraud Investigation

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Fraud is a deceptive action intended for personal or financial gain and comes in all forms, such as embezzlement, skimming, and payroll and expense report frauds. Fraudsters are clever when it comes to circumventing laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures, which is why only a small portion of fraud is discovered by traditional audits that are meant only to verify the accuracy of financial statements.

Curtis Blakely & Co., PC has Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) who can assist you with the fraud investigation process. A CFE is a highly qualified professional who investigates cases of criminal and civil fraud. Examiners have a solid understanding of how and why fraud occurs and design procedures to actively look for fraud in an organization. They use their knowledge of multifaceted financial transactions, along with their understanding of accounting and fraud techniques, to uncover all the evidence needed to build a case against the perpetrators and seek out resolutions of fraud allegations.

Small businesses are often hit the hardest and suffer disproportionate fraud losses. The median loss suffered by organizations with fewer than 100 employees is higher than the median loss in even the largest organizations.

A CFE Plays Three Essential Roles:

  1. Identifying Evidence of Fraud
  2. Conducting Interviews, Documenting Statements, and Writing Reports
  3. Evaluating The Fraud Risk of A Business or Organization

A CFE is your advocate and may testify to their findings in cases of fraud allegations to resolve the issues. A CFE commonly works with attorneys and law enforcement officers and assists in the arrest of individuals charged with fraud. CFEs also assist businesses to organize fraud detection and prevention efforts.