Forensic Accounting & CFE Services

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Do you need to analyze your financial data to uncover potential misconduct? Are you investigating an entity for possible acquisition and need to ensure the absence of financial irregularities? Or perhaps you're involved in litigation and require an expert witness to testify on your behalf.

If you are concerned that you or your business has been or could be harmed by fraud or embezzlement, the forensic accounting and CFE services of Curtis Blakely & Co., PC could provide the answers you seek.

Investigative Accounting

Should you need to explore whether fraud or misconduct has occurred, such as employee theft of property, materials, or misuse of assets; misappropriation of funds by employees; kickbacks to employees from outside vendors; or insurance fraud, our CFE team’s considerable years of investigative accounting knowledge and field experience can provide you a clear, concise understanding of the situation and the appropriate action to take. We can:

  • Assist with The Protection and Recovery of Assets
  • Coordinate with Other Experts
  • Assist with Any Necessary Civil Action or Criminal Prosecution, Acting As Intermediary Between You and Law Enforcement

Litigation Support

In the cases of current or pending litigation, we provide the accounting litigation support necessary to work towards a positive outcome, such as:

  • Assist in Obtaining The Necessary Documentation to Support or Refute A Claim
  • Examine Relevant Documentation to Form A Case Assessment
  • Review The Damages Report By Any Opposing Expert
  • Assist with Settlement Discussions and Negotiations
  • Attend Trial to Hear Testimony of Opposing Expert and Provide Cross-Examination Assistance

Fraud Prevention

Organizations with weak or no internal controls are more susceptible to fraud. Following are some of the ways Curtis Blakely & Co., PC can assist your organization in managing fraud-related risk:

  • Review and Recommend Changes to Current Internal Control Procedures
  • Assist in Implementing New Internal Control Procedures to Increase Segregation of duties and maintain strong internal controls
  • Create An Anti-Fraud Policy and Code of Conduct
  • Establish A Whistleblower’s Hotline