Business Valuation

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If, at some point, you require a professional business valuation to better protect your wealth or determine the worth of an asset, we can help.

Reasons for a Valuation

  • Sell Business at A Price Commensurate with Its Value
  • Provide A Value Estimate for A Business Loan
  • Plan A Merger, Acquisition, or Stock Offering
  • Develop An Estate or Tax Plan to Protect Wealth
  • Create A Succession Plan
  • Assist Attorneys in Litigation
  • File An Insurance Claim
  • Set Up An Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

The purpose of your valuation and the parameters of each estimate determine the appropriate valuation method and approach. Our objective valuations are based on sound judgment, solid experience in the discipline, broad knowledge of finance and business, application of recognized valuation methodologies, and diligent adherence to professional standards.

Our shareholder, Darrell Spence, is a CPA/ABV – accredited by the AICPA in business valuation. He offers a proven track record of integrity, competence in the complexities of business valuation, and commitment to quality service. His advance CPA training, experience, and thorough understanding of your business enable him to apply the appropriate methodology and derive a value that is reasonable and supportable.


The AICPA (American Institute of CPAs®), the premier national association of 400,000 CPA members, serves the public interest by setting the standards for CPA services, upholds the profession's code of conduct, and provides professional education and certification programs.

ABV - Valuation with Added Value

To provide assurance that business valuation service providers are experienced, tested, and certified, AICPA has developed the Accredited in Business (ABV) credential for CPAs.

To Earn An ABV Credential, CPAs Must:

  • Hold A Valid CPA Certificate of License
  • Be An AICPA member in Good Standing
  • Demonstrate Substantial Experience in Business Valuation
  • Pass A Rigorous Business Valuation Exam
  • Demonstrate A History of Continuing Education
  • Maintain ABV Credential by Recertifying Every Three Years