Water Utilities

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Today’s water utilities face ever-increasing demands for water, ongoing changes to federal and state regulations, and rapid advances in technology. Consequently, it is important to choose an accounting firm that employs knowledgeable staff who are aware of the latest changes to regulations and trends within the industry.

Curtis Blakely & Co., PC offers extensive experience serving the accounting needs of water supply corporations (WSCs) and special utility districts (SUDs).

As your trusted advisor, we are dedicated to a continuity of accounting personnel. You will have the advantage of a strong working relationship with a Curtis Blakely & Co., PC shareholder and our veteran staff members. Our team members are committed to staying current on audit, accounting, tax, and financial issues that could affect you. The level of their knowledge and expertise qualifies them to present seminars and training to staff members, professionals, and clients. 

As a firm, we participate in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Program, requiring the highest standards of performance, and consistently receive a passing rating. Click here for our latest peer review report.