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Tax Services

A common goal of every business is to reduce taxes.  Often this is easier said than done, especially to do it correctly and legally.   Tax strategies cannot be designed and implemented in a vacuum.   It is necessary to take an integrated approach and consider the ramifications of planning options on owners and affiliated companies.  Tax strategies must also pass a "cost-benefit" analysis that weighs the cost of implementing the strategy (in dollars, time, and headaches) against the expected benefit.
As lawmakers continue to change the tax law and increase its complexity, we strive to keep your total business picture in focus when designing, implementing, and maintaining tax reduction strategies.  We continually monitor changes in federal, state, and local tax laws and consider their effect on you, our client.  We assist our clients in navigating the complex maze of statutes, regulations, court cases, and other authoritative guidance in pursuit of their tax minimization goals.  For us, tax time is year round, not just the due date of your next tax return.  We believe this approach to tax planning and compliance sets us apart.

Our professionals possess knowledge and experience in federal, state, and local taxation and continually update that knowledge through "Continuing Professional Education" (CPE).  Some of our professionals also participate in teaching CPE classes.  In addition, they have the ability to research unique and complex issues while serving the tax-related needs of our clients.


Our fees for tax services are competitively priced and vary based on the degree of time and difficulty.

For more information, please email or call our office at 903-758-0734.