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Regulatory Services

Not only are regulatory reporting requirements increasing in numbers and complexity, improper reporting can have a significant impact on telecommunications firms today, including reduced settlements, fines and penalties imposed on your company, and confidential information disclosed regarding your company's practices.

We are experienced in preparing regulatory filings for our clients. Allowing us to assist your staff with the regulatory filings will give you peace of mind in knowing that your filing was prepared by a firm that is respected by the regulatory agencies and has been through similar filing requirements on behalf of many other telecommunications firms.

We assist our clients in local, state and federal regulatory filings. Below is a partial list of our experiences with these services:
  • Depreciation studies in conjunction with depreciation rate changes.
  • Preparation of state earnings monitoring reports for 18 companies, including Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
  • Preparation of regulatory filings for 8 companies regarding corporate franchise tax flow‑through.
  • Preparation of annual reports required by state regulatory agencies for 16 companies, including detailed information on specified transactions such as legislative matters, business gifts, advertising, charitable contributions, legal expenses and affiliate transactions.
  • Preparation of Cost Allocation Manuals and Models in compliance with FCC Docket 86-111 and Texas 16 TAC Sec. 23.12(e) for annual filing with the state regulatory body for 14 companies.
  • Preparation of regulatory filings regarding Historically Under-utilized Businesses (HUB).
  • Preparation of and assistance with regulatory filings regarding the Texas Scope of Competition.
  • Assistance to five telephone companies in settlement of state rate filings. Involvement in providing data responses to the state regulatory agencies for companies and cooperatives under review for over earnings.


Our fees for regulatory services are competitively priced. Economies are achieved if we assist your company annually with the filings, and we would welcome a chance to discuss our services with you.
For more information, please email or call our office at 903-758-0734.