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Please feel free to browse our speeches that we have given at previous Seminars. Curtis Blakely & Co. P.C., CPAs goes the extra mile for our clients. Our shareholders and staff present telecommunications seminars and training in order to keep our clients informed of current issues. Our speech handouts are available on this website in PDF format. Select the speech handouts from the table below, or download All Speeches ZIP compressed (57 MB).

Pursuant to IRS Circular 230 and IRS regulations we inform you that any U.S. federal tax advice contained on this page (including any attachments and or links) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used by the recipient or any other taxpayer (i) for the purpose of avoiding tax related penalties imposed on the recipient or any other taxpayer under the Internal Revenue Code, or (ii) in promoting, marketing or recommending to another party any partnership or other entity, investment plan, arrangement or other transaction addressed herein

Speeches in Adobe (.PDF) Format
[ETCTSCPA] Building a Better Mousetrap (5/23/2016) (1.46MB)

[TSTCI] Estate Planning - What You Need to Know (7/2015) (502KB)

[TSTCI] Sales Tax Update (7/2015) (885KB)

[TSTCI] Pivot Tables and other Geek Stuff (7/2015) (2.16MB)

[TSTCI] Best Accounting Practices (7/2014) (224KB)

[TSTCI] Individual Federal Tax Update (7/2014) (2.49MB)

[TSTCI] Technology Update (7/2014) (5.4MB)

[TB&T] Individual Income & Estate Tax Outlook (2/2014) (2.47MB)

[TSTCI] 2013 The Art of Budgeting – Or Not (7/2013) (21.8MB)

[TSTCI] 2013 Dealing with Identity Theft (7/2013) (7.19MB)

[TSTCI] 2013 State Tax Update (7/2013) (1.36MB)

[TSTCI] 2013 A&A Update (7/2013) (809KB)

[TSTCI] Corporate Reorganization Opportunities and Planning for Cooperatives(7/2012) (144KB)

[TSTCI] FRAUD: A Web of Deceit(7/2012) (210KB)

[TSTCI] Stopping the headaches while adding a few more(7/2012) (1.32MB)

[TB&T] Individual Income & Estate Tax Outlook(10/2011) (3.56MB)

[TSTCI] What's New with Texas State Taxes(7/2011) (6MB)

[TSTCI] Management's Analysis of Financial Statements During Tough Economic Times(7/2011) (559KB)

[TSTCI] Finance Roundtable(7/2011) (226KB)

[LETU] Charitable Giving(11/2010) (135KB)

[MACC] Digital File Conversion and Retention Plans(9/2010) (2.23MB)

[NTCA] Know the Code(9/2010) (2.53MB)

[TSTCI] 2010 A&A Update(7/2010) (362KB)