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In 1977, Curtis and Rose Blakely founded Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs with one bookkeeper and a secretary.  Curtis and Rose brought honesty, integrity, and the highest accounting standards to their firm.  These qualities helped them develop their firm philosophy of delivering to the client a high-quality accounting product at a fair price.  From those humble beginnings, Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs has grown to a firm comprised of approximately twenty-eight people.
Curtis Blakely began auditing telephone companies as early as 1959. What started with one telephone client in 1959 has grown to over twenty-eight telecommunication clients today.  Curtis and Rose worked in those early days to develop a firm that offered a wide variety of services.  During that time primary clients also included construction companies, cities, and water supply corporations.
In 1986, Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs underwent its first peer review and received an unqualified report. At that time, the peer review program was a voluntary program encouraged by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs was the first accounting firm in Longview to participate in the program, and has continued to receive unqualified peer review reports since its first review.
Over the years, Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs has evolved into an organization providing a wide range of accounting and tax services to clients in multiple industries.  Our clients include those involved in telecommunication, water supply, retail and wholesale sales, food services, and non-profit organizations.  In addition, we provide accounting and tax services to a wide variety of individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, and estates.  Our firm includes personnel with expertise in the areas of business valuation, state tax applications, estate planning, and corporate reorganizations.

Today, Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs is the largest accounting firm in Longview, Texas. Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs is recognized as an industry leader, backed by a proud history of trusted client relationships.