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Business Consulting Services

How We Can Assist You

Too often you hear organizations discuss accounting in the past tense, as in "Last year, the company earned..."

The management of any successful business realizes that it spends as much or more time working with their accountants and consultants on current decisions and future goals as it does on quantifying and reporting the previous year's activity.

Curtis Blakely & Co., P.C., CPAs business consulting services include traditional accounting engagements, like accounting, taxation, regulatory reporting, consulting and more -  business planning that considers your business as you do, by looking at the past, the present and the future.

That's the advantage we offer. When your goals and plans move into other areas of business service, we are there to help you. You will continue to work with the same members of our team throughout our relationship. There's a comfort level there, but also more important is the advantage that your financial scenario can be quickly shared with other seasoned shareholders from our firm who have many years of combined experience in a vast number of areas.


Our fees for consulting engagements vary based on the degree of time and difficulty, but are competitively priced, with a fee schedule based on actual hours worked and actual out of pocket costs.

For more information, please email or call our office at 903-758-0734.