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Accounting Assistance

There are times when you need a little extra assistance. Many of our clients have had periods of time when they require additional staff for a new project, are shorthanded due to retirements, etc or they need our expertise in the accounting field in order to complete their accounting functions in a timely manner. For whatever reason you need us, we are here to help.

We provide a variety of services on either a monthly or "as needed" basis. The services may be performed either on site or remotely as needed. A list of services that we have provided for several telephony specific software vendors are listed below:

  • Entering Employee Timesheets     
  • Preparation of Payroll, Spreads and Other Payroll Related Activity
  • Preparation of EFT, Payroll Checks
  • Assistance with Setup of Applicable Payroll Tax Accruals
  • Accounts Payable Data Entry
  • Documentation and Implementation of Internal Controls
  • Setup of Depreciation Accrual Including Mass Asset or Specific Identification
  • Setup of Monthly Recurring Entries
  • Setup of Monthly Overhead Spreads in Accordance with Part 32 Requirements
  • Develop Reconciliations and Reconciliation Procedures, "Best Monthly Bookkeeping Practices" Including Organization of Monthly Accounting Information into a Concise, Easily Referenced System
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Forecasts and Projections
  • Staff Assistance and Training
Work Order System Configuration
  • Setup of Initial Work Order Methodology Including Number, Account Coding, etc.
  • Implementation of Work Order System Software
  • Assistance in Reconciling, Closing Work Order System
  • Setup of Work Order System with Other Accounting Systems
  • Setup of Monthly Plant Administration and Operations Spreads in Accordance with Part 32 Requirements
  • Training of Company Staff Involved in the Work Order Processes
  • Design of Perpetual Inventory System for Companies Not Currently Using Inventory System Module
  • Implementation of Perpetual Inventory System
  • Configuration of Inventory Including Assignment of Unique Inventory Item Descriptions, Classes of Inventory and Accounts Within General Ledger
  • Training of Staff Involved in Inventory Ordering, Usage and Reporting Requirements
  • Assistance with the Physical Inventory Counts and Entry into the Inventory Module as Necessary
Customer Billing
  • Assistance with Reconciliation of Billing to the General Ledger Activity
  • Assistance with Collection of Delinquent Carrier Access Bills as Needed
  • Review and Correction of Erroneous USP Codes Including General Ledger Account Mapping and Tax Codes

Our fees for accounting assistance are competitively priced. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss our services with you.

For more information, please email or call our office at 903-758-0734.