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Accounting Assistance

There are times when you need a little extra assistance. Many of our clients have had periods of time when they require additional staff for a new project, are shorthanded due to retirements, etc or they need our expertise in the accounting field in order to complete their accounting functions in a timely manner. For whatever reason you need us, we are here to help.

We provide a variety of services on either a monthly or "as needed" basis. The services may be performed either on site or remotely as needed. A list of services that we have provided for several telephony specific software vendors are listed below:



  • Entering Employee Timesheets     
  • Preparation of Payroll, Spreads and Other Payroll Related Activity
  • Preparation of EFT, Payroll Checks
  • Assistance with Setup of Applicable Payroll Tax Accruals
  • Accounts Payable Data Entry
  • Documentation and Implementation of Internal Controls
  • Setup of Depreciation Accrual Including Mass Asset or Specific Identification
  • Setup of Monthly Recurring Entries
  • Setup of Monthly Overhead Spreads in Accordance with Part 32 Requirements
  • Develop Reconciliations and Reconciliation Procedures, "Best Monthly Bookkeeping Practices" Including Organization of Monthly Accounting Information into a Concise, Easily Referenced System
  • Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Preparation of Forecasts and Projections
  • Staff Assistance and Training
Work Order System Configuration
  • Setup of Initial Work Order Methodology Including Number, Account Coding, etc.
  • Implementation of Work Order System Software
  • Assistance in Reconciling, Closing Work Order System
  • Setup of Work Order System with Other Accounting Systems
  • Setup of Monthly Plant Administration and Operations Spreads in Accordance with Part 32 Requirements
  • Training of Company Staff Involved in the Work Order Processes
  • Implementation
  • Implementation of Perpetual Inventory Systems
  • Configuration of Inventory Including Assignment of Unique Inventory Item Descriptions, Classes of Inventory and Accounts Within General Ledger
  • Training of Staff Involved in Inventory Ordering, Usage and Reporting Requirements
  • Assistance with the Physical Inventory Counts and Entry into the Inventory Module as Necessary
Customer Billing
  • Assistance with Reconciliation of Billing to the General Ledger Activity
  • Assistance with Collection of Delinquent Carrier Access Bills
  • Review and Correction of Erroneous Billing Codes Including General Ledger, Account Mapping and Tax Codes